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wedding props / wedding propArtesian designs offers very unique outdoor planters in the form of Water Wick Planters and Fountain planters. Our outdoor planter products are ideal for home office or outdoor planter use and are very self containing. There is no other outdoor planters like them on the market today and are available in a classic decorative column styling that will match most any decor.

The fountain outdoor planters offer the soothing gurgling sound as water lifts from the 2 gallon reservoir up to the plant via a quiet air pump. Excess water drains through the, included, perilite (inert volcanic rock) and back down to the reservoir to be cycled through again and again. So the plant can gather it's nutrients through the perilite rock and the water and you won't have to remember to water your plants everyday. The 2 gallon reservoir, however, should be emptied and refilled every 3-6 weeks just to keep the water clean and fresh.

The Water Wick outdoor planter line lifts the water from the 2 gallon reservoir via capillary wicking action. When the plant needs more water, it will automatically draws more making it impossible to over-water your plants. Over-watering outdoor planters is the number one killer of all kept plants. The plant draws it's nutrients through the water ion the reservoir so all you have to supply is light and a water soluble plant food every 2-3 months, which is also a good time to switch out the water for more fresh, nutritious water.

Both outdoor planters are 28" tall with an 11" wide planter pot that will accommodate most any household plant. The system comes complete with instruction for planting, planter, perilite growing medium. All you supply is your plant, light and water.

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