3 in 1 columns are the most versatile columns around. 

It is adaptation of the Build-a-columns system.  The most typical combination is 8' column cut into 2 pieces.  One long tube that would be the length to build a 6' column when you put the cap and base on.   add the hidden foam connector with a 2' extension ($15 accessories) to create an 8' column.  The third option is to add the cap and base to the 2' extension, which creates a 34" column. 

Three columns heights in one:

8' or 6' or 34" all for the cost of one 8' column ($110) and the foam connector ($15).

All are very popular and a cost effective way to have the flexibility for designs without the high cost and storage needs for a huge variety of columns.  The parts can even be stored nested together to reduce space.


Various Accessories that are available to increase the easy of use or functionality of our products.

Tuscan style Capitals & Bases that are used with standard size PVC water and sewer pipe to create a decorative column.

Adjustable height column system.

Columns available in various standard heights, as well as custom heights (+/- 1/4").