How much do the columns weigh?

The decorative columns are made of PVC and ABS plastic . An 8 foot column will weigh about than 18 pounds. This makes them very easy to move around and very versatile in the ways that they can be used. They make great entrances, arbors, backdrops, wedding columns or elegant stage elements to set just the right ambience for your wedding or special event.

Since they are so light, how do you make them stable so they don't get knocked or blown over?

The tops of all the decorative columns have a 5 inch hole cut out so that weight can be slid down the center of the column to provide stability to the column. We have found that a 25 pound bag of lead shot is the most compact weight and easy to get in most areas. Sand bags or bags of rocks can also be used, but they are more bulky and a little more cumbersome. When more than one column is in close proximity, two, three or more columns can be connected using the optional "connecting top" (see accessories) with a rod, pole or board to tie the decorative plastic columns together and greatly improve their stability.

What colors do the columns come in?

White is the base material for the decorative columns. It is ready to be sealed or painted using a quality seal or spray paint. This makes touch ups of the column a snap after a rental event or a permanent placement. Using a gloss finish also makes clean up of scuff marks and hand prints easier.

Are other finishes available?

Not at this time.

Are they strong and can they hold a lot of weight?

Yes, the shorter pedestals can easily hold 200 to 300 pounds each, we use them to stand on when we set up our booths for trade shows. The columns are not designed to be load bearing even though they can hold some weight.

What are some of the uses for the columns?

The obvious is their great versatility for decorating for various events, but they are also being used on homes to spruce up a porch or entry that needs a face lift. They can be used for interior decorating or decorative roman column to accent living/dining room entrances. They can also be cut in half vertically and attached to the wall for the effect of a faux column support totally changing the décor of a room. They can also be set up as an arbor with a grid work above four connected columns. These can look very graceful around a spa or garden bench. Can be used as a decorative roman column or wedding column.

What sizes are the columns and pedestals?

Common display pedestal heights are 28", 30", 32" and 36", but they can be made to any height via custom order. The columns are all done to custom order and can be any height. Typically the columns will be between 6' and 8'. The tallest column that can be shipped via FedEx Ground is 6'. Columns taller than that are shipped common carrier and it is usually best to order at least four to due to shipping minimums for these light-weight oversized items.