Display Stands / Display Stand

Display stands from Column Designs are built to last, require little, easy-to-do assembly and can maximize your in store or tradeshow presence. The display stand line of products we offer are lightweight and easy to move or permanently install. This makes them ideal for your shop or tradeshow booth. From 24 inches to 11 feet, our display stands come in the sizes you need and want.

Column Designs has been manufacturing faux column display stands for years. Our made to order display stand line of products is great for showing off your wares and are customizable in a huge variety of sizes (24 inches - 11 feet). Along with being customizable, our display stands are made of ABS & PVC plastics so they are light weight, versatile and can be permanently mounted or easily moved around. So whether you are looking to have our display stands, display columns, display fixtures, display pedestals, or display props in your storefront or tradeshow booth, we have what you are looking for.

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Our decorative columns will be an asset to help you present your product in the most favorable light.  Check out our complete line of Wedding Columns, Decorative Columns, Plastic Columns, and Display Columns.