Faux Columns / Faux Column

Many customers put faux finishes on their columns. There are many ways to apply faux finishes on your columns--texture paints, fleck paint, sponging varied colors--and bagging technique is also simple to do. Tea staining is another option and is easy to do. All of these techniques give you a unique look and can be maintained or changed for years of profitable uses. Faux columns (or Fake Columns) from Artesian/Column Designs can add a touch of elegance to your home, business, or tradeshow booth. Faux columns present a majestic and strong appearance and will last a long time. Faux columns are an inexpensive and imaginative way to add character a room.

So, whatever your event or situation—big or small—our display columns will help you make it a success.

Check out the faux column photos today!

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